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A local saltwater aquarium fish and coral store serving Sarasota, Bradenton, St Petersburg and Tampa with the widest selction and best prices

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Coral Frag Farm

Our frag farm has over 1,000 coral frags in stock at any given time! We have a large supply of aquacultured coral frags, soft corals, stony corals, anemones and local Florida corals from sustainablel sources.

Saltwater Fish

Our fish are held for 30 days in large quarantine tanks before being sold. Fish in our display for sale have stablized and are ready to take home.

Inverts & Cleanup Crew

Always in stock: assorted collection of snails, crabs, shrimp, and starfish. Astraea and Mexican Turbo snails, etc. Stop by to see what's available.

Live Rock & Water

Cured and stable live rock always in stock. Large and small pieces available. Premixed saltwater and RO-DI water sold by the gallon on tap at all times.

Reef Tank Supplies

We are offical RedSea and ecotech distributors and carry the most popular products available for sale to take home today. Reef tanks, coral care and dosing suppliments, filter socks, salt mixes, carbon, aquarium lighting, return pumps, circulation pumps, airlines, tank plumbing and fittings... Everything you need.

Frozen & Live Fish Food

A variety of frozen and live foods for fish and corals are carried in store. Our mix of foods are designed to meet the needs specifically for saltwater reef hobyists in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.


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